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Boating on Lake Lewisville in Texas

Lake Lewisville has boating, fishing, jet skiing and more!

Lewisville Lake is located just a short drive north of Dallas, east of I-35E. With 23,280 acres of surface area and 233 miles of shoreline, Lewisville Lake is perfect for just about all kinds of water sports. The average depth of Lewisville Lake is 25 feet, with a maximum depth of 67 feet.

Jet skiing on Lake Lewisville in Texas

All of the pleasures you look for in a lake are at Lewisville Lake: boating, waterskiing, jet skiing, sailing, sailboarding, parasailing, swimming, wading, sunbathing, camping, hiking, biking, picnicking, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Boat and personal watercraft rentals are available at Lewisville Lake. There are also marinas and places to buy tackle and bait at Lewisville Lake.

Waterskiing on Lake Lewisville in Texas

Lake Lewisville sets amidst 9,000 acres of nature and wildlife which offers miles of scenic trails to explore. Take along a lunch and enjoy nature at its best. Bring along your camera and enjoy birdwatching and wildlife photography along the trails.

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, fishing at Lewisville Lake is excellent for White Bass, Crappie and Catfish; and the fishing is good for Largemouth, Striped and Hybrid Bass.

Parasailing on Lake Livingston in Texas

The City of Lewisville has Lake Park on the south shore of Lewisville Lake. Lake Park offers a nice beach for swimming, areas for picnics, public restrooms, a public pavillion, RV and tent camping, and a fishing barge that is open 24 hours a day. For more information about the Lake Park Campgrounds - Click Here for their web page or call 972-219-3742 for reservations.

A suggestion from a concerned citizen at Lake Lewisville: "Life Jackets should be required for swimmers 30 feet or more from shoreline. In addition, all individuals exiting a boat/watercraft in open water should be required to wear life jackets. This may help prevent drownings at the lake and make a safer place for everyone."

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Map of Lake Lewisville

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